Integrative hematology Holistic cancer therapy

Focus on the patient
Haematology refers to the study (ancient Greek "logos") of blood (ancient Greek "haema") and its diseases.
The first step in making a diagnosis is therefore a blood test and a clinical examination, as well as a detailed medical history. If there are any abnormalities, further diagnostics using molecular tests from the peripheral blood or a bone marrow puncture can provide further clarity regarding the possible diagnosis.
Haematological diseases are treated according to the current state of conventional medicine (chemotherapy, immunotherapy/antibody therapy, small molecules), supplemented by any complementary treatment options that are appropriate for the various haematological diseases.
We also offer a close aftercare program following treatment and support participation in rehabilitation measures.
In close consultation with the patient, we at prio mensch draw up an individual treatment plan that also includes gestalt, art and music therapy, nutritional advice and psycho-oncological support within our practice premises.

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